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If you are stuck in the tug-of-war between doing what is expected vs. doing what is authentic, you’re in the right place. Living in a world that tells us to be anything BUT who we currently are messes with our minds.

You’re left feeling frustrated AF at diet culture, disappointed in the patriarchy, and hopeless that you’ll ever be able to just exist in the world as your truest self, taking up the space you deserve.

This is the time to challenge family dynamics, set new boundaries, unlearn harmful patterns, and figure out what authenticity is for you.

Being a human is freaking exhausting.
Being a human in Texas is a whole other ballgame.

For eating disorders, body image,
perfectionists, and LGBTQ+ Identities


You’re exhausted. Keeping up the "perfect" facade is draining.

Fostering a space to discover, heal, and grow is super important to me. This usually looks like being a partner you can celebrate the wins with, someone to shoot it straight when you need it, a therapist who believes that humor (yes, including dark humor) is an essential therapy tool, and I’m definitely known to drop a cussword of two… because some things in life can be shit.


I’m a psychotherapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker to be exact!) on a mission to support you in creating wonderful possibilities for living the life you dream of, while also being realistic AF that the world we live in can be unfair and judgemental.

Erin MacDonald

Hey, there! I'm

The person in your corner to challenge stereotypes and learn something new along the way.

Therapist. Supervisor. Educator. Speaker.


(formerly ebert)

For therapists who are ready to expand their knowledge.

Clinical Supervision

No dancing around the hard stuff. Let’s get into it. 

Let's dive into the things not covered in school. Chances are that you're in a clinical setting or higher level of care with the hopes of being in private practice one day. If I had to guess, you have an interest in eating disorders or working with queer folks. FAB. You're in the right spot. Equal parts professional and relatable, my supervision focuses on clinical support but also the tougher things - money, ethics, and running a business.

Supervision is for LMSWs in Texas seeking supervision to complete their clinical licensure for LCSW. Supervision requires 3,000 supervised hours to be completed in no less than 2 years (so yes...even if you finish the 3000 hours in 18 months one is not eligible until the 2 year mark).

Currently, supervision is virtual, and hybrid group/individual. We meet twice a month for 90 minutes, then individually 1 hour a month, for the total 4 hours of supervision which is required. Topics discussed are fluid...we do a lot of case consultation, and sometimes there are other topics (ethics, new laws/policies that impact the profession, etc.) Individual sessions are focused on individual growth, helping with a variety of professional things (boundaries, setting fees, talking about professional opportunities, private practice questions, etc.) Individual sessions are also times when I might give feedback.

Queer Health for
Helping Professionals

Workshops & Trainings

The stuff that isn’t actually talked about in school…

Considerations for Helping Professionals

Navigating Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

Looking for a queer clinician who knows her stuff about eating disorders, Texas legislature, and navigating living in a world where we are told to be anything but our authentic self?

Hi, hello, it's me! And I love talking about all of the above. Whether it's a group of students or a room full of clinicians, whether it's in an intimate gathering or in an auditorium full of folks, hand me a mic and let's chat about the important things in life.

For organizations who are seeking a passionate pattern disruptor.

Speaking Engagements

Hand me the mic. I’ve got things to say.

If a phone call is easier, you're welcome to call me at (512) 465 - 2022. Please note that my priority is client sessions and you will likely go to voicemail. You're welcome to leave a voicemail and I will do my best to get back to you within two business days. Please note: this phone does NOT accept text messages.

The best way to get in touch with me is via email!

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