In a group text with my besties...

I'm constantly sharing things - a TikTok that reminds me of them (or is just interesting), a news article about the upcoming Formula1 race, or even content about luxury travel on points! Sending content is definitely one of my ADHD love languages.

I'm usually a quick responder and am regularly the one who starts the group chat. When I'm not sending content, I'm the one spearheading our discussions for our next adventures. I love a girls trip! I am the friend that will scheme, plot, and do anything for those closest to me!

In a room full of strangers...

I'm either overwhelmed and sticking close to people I know... or maybe telling a ridiculous story to new folks. It definitely depends on my mood! I really believe in connecting to folks in authentic ways so I always try to make to some common ground, and it's usually a conversation about travel - one of my VERY FAVORITE things in the entire world.

Erin MacDonald

Hey, there! I'm


(formerly ebert)

Looking for a queer clinician who knows her stuff about eating disorders, Texas legislature, and navigating living in a world where we are told to be anything but our authentic self?

Hi, hello, it's me! And I love talking about all of the above. Whether it's a group of students or a room full of clinicians, whether it's in an intimate gathering or in an auditorium full of folks, hand me a mic and let's chat about the important things in life.

Pattern disruptor and conversation starter.


Erin as a

No topics are off limits during supervision. I'm a firm believer in not shying away from the hard stuff. Whether it's a difficult case consultation, navigating queer health in Texas, supporting a client that's living in a larger body, or questions on how to run a private practice, I'm here to support you and really get into it.

Professional and relatable.


Erin as a

I’m an enneagram 1 bent towards justice and fairness, and tend to have strong values of right and wrong. Personally, I have a LOT of practice balancing my rigidity, challenging my inner critic, and managing my black and white thinking - all of which are themes usually brought up in my client's sessions. If you're wanting to make some changes and want a partner is going to celebrate with you, shoot it straight when needed, believes humor is an essential therapy tool, and don't mind me dropping a cussword or two, then I'm your gal,errr, therapist.

Let's find your authentic self.


Erin as a

If a phone call is easier, you're welcome to call me at (512) 465 - 2022. Please note that my priority is client sessions and you will likely go to voicemail. You're welcome to leave a voicemail and I will do my best to get back to you within two business days. Please note: this phone does NOT accept text messages.

The best way to get in touch with me is via email!

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