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If you are stuck in the tug-of-war between doing what is expected vs. doing what is authentic, you’re in the right place. Living in a world that tells us to be anything BUT who we currently are messes with our minds.

You’re left feeling frustrated AF at diet culture, disappointed in the patriarchy, and hopeless that you’ll ever be able to just exist in the world as your truest self, taking up the space you deserve.

This is the time to challenge family dynamics, set new boundaries, unlearn harmful patterns, and figure out what authenticity is for you.

Being a human is freaking exhausting.
Being a human in Texas is a whole other ballgame.

For eating disorders, body image,
perfectionists, and LGBTQ+ Identities


You’re exhausted. Keeping up the "perfect" facade is draining.

Sometimes seeking therapy as a member of the LGBTQ+ community is difficult. I am an experienced, non-judgemental, skilled clinician who is more than just "aware" of LGBTQ+ issues. I get it. I'm part of the community, and I know the unique challenges that can face our community--especially in Texas. You are not alone, I see you, and you don't have to hide in session with me. ​ It is important to me to serve my community and provide an environment where you can fully open up about the challenges you are facing.

LGBTQ+ Identities

areas of expertise

There’s more to life than being constantly preoccupied with what the next meal holds, what size you're wearing, or the next time you work out. 

Recovery from an eating disorder is hard (and worthy!) work that takes a team. Our work together centers around the emotions, values, core beliefs, and body image.

Regardless if an eating disorder is present, our relationship with our bodies can impact our livelihood. Yet our relationship with our body is one that will span our entire life. Working to repair your relationship with your body can lead to immense freedom.

Eating Disorders & Body Image

Do you feel the pressure for everything to be "just right"? Whether it's the pursuit of perfection, struggling with black and white thoughts, or having a hard time letting go and letting others help, I get it. A lot of my work has been with high-performing professionals in setting down the pressure they feel and allowing space for human authenticity.


A dedicated time just for you and your goals. No topics are off limits in our sessions, but some recurring themes that come up with clients are skill development, processing prior experiences, working to end the war with your body, and exploring self-worth and self-concept outside of the lens of achievement and perfection.

Health at Every Size (R) | Body Positive | LGBTQ+ Expertise

Initial + 50 Minute Sessions

Individual Therapy

Are you a current client that has a team of providers, like a dietitian, psychiatrist, or medical doctor? Collaborating with your whole team to best support you is very important to me! Team Meetings are available (and recommended!) for any of my current clients.

For Current Clients

Team Meetings

Our families are one of the biggest influences in our lives. That's why I offer family therapy! Together we explore patterns that are present, memories from the past that are still lingering today, and create conversations that are otherwise difficult to bring up and talk about. 

Initial + 50 Minute Sessions

Family Therapy

During the initial session, we will review your intake paperwork, complete a bio/psycho/social history, and look at the many aspects of your life that has shaped your journey thus far. We will discuss what, specifically, has brought you to therapy at this time and examine what you are hoping to gain through this work. 

60 Minute Session

Initial Session

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In the discovery call, we get to know each other briefly, talk about any prior experience in therapy/treatment, and chat about what is bringing the person to look for therapy now. I usually start with “how can I help?”

15 Minute Phone Call

Discovery Call

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During the follow-up sessions, we work on exploring topics and challenges that brought you to therapy, discussing a recent TikTok that felt like it was calling you out, and dive into your past and current dilemmas. It is recommended that we meet weekly, especially at the beginning of our work together. 

50 Minute Sessions

Follow-Up Sessions

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You are worth it, you deserve it, we can do this together. 

And not only is it possible--it's possible for you. Sometimes, we discount our ability (or worthiness) for full recovery, and might be tempted to settle for "this is just how it is" or "I'll just never feel ok in my body", yet there is another way. Not only do we believe in full recovery--we believe in each individuals inherent worthiness.

I believe in FULL recovery from an eating disorder, from a tough relationship with your body, from perfectionism--it's all possible.

Answers to Your Questions

No. I am not in network with any insurance companies. I will provide superbills as requested.

Are you in network with any insurance providers?

Not typically. I teach at UT one night a week, and offer 3p, 4p, and 5p appointments Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These appointments are historically spoken for very quickly and are reserved for weekly clients.

Do you have night/weekend availability?

Yes–I do offer a limited amount of sliding scale spaces. These are done based on availability, and are typically reserved for individuals with marginalized identities and those who may not have the financial resources to make therapy attainable.

Do you offer sliding scale?

I typically work with those that are 16 and older, folks navigating eating disorders, body image challenges, and queer identity and relationship issues.

What ages / types of clients do you see?

If a phone call is easier, you're welcome to call me at (512) 465 - 2022. Please note that my priority is client sessions and you will likely go to voicemail. You're welcome to leave a voicemail and I will do my best to get back to you within two business days. Please note: this phone does NOT accept text messages.

The best way to get in touch with me is via email!

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